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HAND CUT FRIES herbs, garlic oil 5.

ARTISAN CHEESE seasonal fruit, spiced nuts 7.

FRIED CHICK PEAS smoked paprika 5.

GOAT CHEESE TOAST wild greens, oil cured olives, apple balsamic 10.

PORK RINDS crème fraîche, hot sauce 8.

ASPARAGUS FRITTO MISTO herb dressing, lemon 8.

small plates

GREEN GARLIC SOUP crème fraîche, herbs 10.

CHICKEN LIVER TERRINE  pickled vegetables, baguette 10.

FIELD GREEN SALAD simple vinaigrette, parmesan, sunflower
seeds 10.

large plates

ZEFIRO CEASAR for two croutons, parmesan, black pepper* 17.

POTATO GNOCCHI herb pesto, hazelnuts, pecorino 16.

PORK BELLY ROLL fries, harissa aïoli 12.

BLUEHOUR GRILLED CHEESE gruyere cheese, prosciutto, dijon, como,
greens, pickles 13.

BLUEHOUR BURGER bacon onion jam, bleu cheese, aïoli
hand cut fries 15.

STEAK FRITES bernaise, hand cut fries 18.

FISH & CHIPS halibut, hand cut fries, vinegar gel, lemon

*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of food borne illness.
Hamburgers are cooked to order.

Bluehour Restaurant | 250 NW 13th Avenue, at Everett Street | Pearl District Portland OR 97209 | 503-226-3394