Cafe Menu

bluehour café menu


artisan cheese

baguette,  dates,  almonds,  preserves 7.

smoked salmon*

pickled vegetables, cucumber, baguette, mustards  10.


thyme, lemon, olive oil 6.

french fries

garlic aïoli   7.


caesar salad*

anchovy  dressing,  parmesan,  croutons 13.

fried pickle brined chicken*

carolina reaper pepper honey   9.

bluehour toast*

tuna crudo, avocado, pickled vegetables, aïoli   12.

soup of the day*

see your server   mp.


le bleu burger*

bleu cheese, pickled beets, shaved onions, lettuce, french fries  16.

down low burger*

pimento cheese, pork belly, fancy sauce, onion ring, french fries  17.

‘merica burger*

shredded lettuce, american cheese, onion, tomato, fancy sauce, freedom fries  15.


steak frites*

painted hills beef, hand cut fries,  chimichurri    28.

mussels & fries*

spicy tomato sauce, fennel, saffron aïoli , hand cut fries  17.


tomato,  genovese  basil,  parmesan 15.

duck confit*

green beans, shallots, mustard  vinaigrette   17.

*consuming raw or under cooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness

Note: As an alternative to increasing our prices, a 3% service charge for Oregon employer mandates is added to all food and beverage sales.

Bluehour Restaurant | 250 NW 13th Avenue, at Everett Street | Pearl District Portland OR 97209 | 503-226-3394