smoked trout rillette

crostini   12.

marinated mussels

pickled vegetables, smoked paprika     12.

clam dip

cream cheese, lavash  10.

northwest oysters*

smoked mignonette, lemon   half doz /19.     doz  /36.


chilled nasturtium soup

crème fraîche, spring herbs    9.

wagyu beef tartare*

angelica & oyster emulsion, obsidian blackberries, shallot flowers     15.

foie  gras torchon

marion berries, hazelnut milk, black pepper sablé    21.

halibut crudo*

green rhubarb, poppy seeds, crème fraîche dressing, lovage      16.

‘fruits of the earth’

german butterball, porcini mushrooms, smoked brisket,  egg yolk    15.


simple greens salad

golden beets, cognac vinaigrette, toasted hazelnuts     11.

baby beets

raspberries, portland creamery chèvre, nasturtiums, walnuts     14.


braised rabbit, prosciutto, morels, green onions    25.


english peas, fava beans, mint, basil, lemon oil    21.


Chef’s selection of five courses
some of the flavors you might find tonight

cucumber     nasturtium     porcini     angelica     chamomile     mint

strawberries     sorrel     steelhead     rose     gold     potatoes     tarragon

smoke     olive     oil     duck     green     rhubarb     pimente d’espelette

Non Alcoholic pairings 35. Wine pairings 60.

To ensure best service, it is necessary that everyone at your table indulge in the tasting menu.


grilled rare oregon  albacore*

german butterball potatoes, fava bean, trout roe   26.

roasted porcini halibut*

baby artichoke, celtuce, charred torpedo onions     31.

applewood smoked duck breast*

red & black currants, purslane, quinoa, black garlic     32.

new york steak*

summer squash, smoked garlic, roasted padron peppers     38.

roasted kobe coulotte*

lonesome whistle flint corn polenta, golden beets, spring onions, red wine reduction     40.

* consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.

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